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If You Lived With Me You'd Be Home By Home, streaming on PBS ALL ARTS

UnCommon Voices series focuses on theater artists creating works with social justice themes

Come write with me and watch the leaves change in Maine

come and write in the autumnal spendor of Maine

Interview with Madeleine Brand KCRW

divorce looks different at age 50, managing the financials

The Moth: True Stories Told Live

Annabelle tells a story for The Moth.

I'm Ready for My Wide Shot: on gender equality on screen

Wall Street Journal op-ed

Bill Maher and Annabelle discussing how no matter how hard you try and escape your family, you just end up in another crazy family.

Bustle Magazine

Bustle Magazine's 11 Family Memoirs if you loved The Glass Castle

"As a memoirist, Gurwitch succeeds by evoking emotions that cut to the core of our humanity, and giving us laughs along the way." Los Angeles Review of Books

"Shalom Y'all, Bittersweet Family Tales from the Deep South." J Weekly of Northern California

Book launch with Jonathan Gold!

Wearing the dress my mother wore on the way to her honeymoon in 1957!

Take My Mother, Please! Los Angeles Review of Books

Mothers don't let your sons grow up to be writers. My review of A Mother's Tale by Phillip Lopate

When Annabelle Gurwitch started to look for a retirement community for her aging parents, she discovered there are limited options for those on a limited budget. But despite some early bumps and disappointments, the support her parents ultimately found turned out to be priceless. Gurwitch, author of “Wherever You Go, There They Are,” shares this essay.

Why I am Not Marching In A Pink Hat

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About Wherever You Go, There They Are...

 A hysterically funny and slyly insightful new collection of essays from New York Times bestselling author Annabelle Gurwitch, about her own family of scam artists and hucksters, as well as the sisterhoods, temporary tribes, communities, and cults who have become surrogates along the way.


When Annabelle Gurwitch was a child, surrounded by a cast of epically dysfunctional relatives, she secretly prayed that it was all a terrible mistake. Maybe she was a long lost daughter of Joni Mitchell or the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian Princess. A family of bootleggers, gamblers, and philanderers, the Gurwitches have always been a bit vague on the ideal of a loving and supportive family. Their definition includes people you can count on to borrow money from, hold a grudge against, or blackmail. Thus began a lifetime of seeking out surrogates. If she’s learned anything it’s that no matter how hard you try and escape a crazy family, you just end up in another crazy family. 


With a wry wit and healthy dose of irresistible self-deprecation, Gurwitch asks: Who and what makes a family in our modern society? Is it our blood relations, the people we work with, the people we pray with, our pets? Gurwitch delves into the Shalom Y'all tribe, her southern Jewish immigrant roots, along with the confederacies she’s joined by accident or on purpose. She treats us to a glimpse of life with theater folk, a band of cos-playing Furries, pet people, a UFO cult, and secular humanist fellowships, while exploring the fragility of sisterhood, the loneliness of the gig economy and the spectacularly daunting search for the communitywhere her aging parents will spend the last chapter of their lives.


By turns hilarious and deeply moving,  Wherever You Go, There They Are is a must-read for anyone who's even occasionally been frustrated by the people they share carbohydrate-laden meals with every year.

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