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ANNABELLE GURWITCH is an actress, activist, and author of five books including the New York Times bestseller and Thurber Prize finalist I See You Made an Effort. She’s written for The New Yorker, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Magazine and Hadassah amongst other publications.

Her latest collection of essays You're Leaving When? Adventures in Downward Mobility is a 2021 New York Times Favorite Book about Healthy Living and a Good Morning America must read.


Gurwitch was the longtime cohost of Dinner & a Movie on TBS and a regular commentator on NPR. She's performed on the Moth Mainstage, at Carolines on Broadway, and at arts centers around the country. Her acting credits include: Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, Boston Legal and Dexter and once in while she returns to acting playing a rabbi on Better Things on FX or a therapist for an FBI agent in Michael Bay’s Ambulance.


She's been featured in Time Magazine’s annual “10 Ideas That are Changing the World” issue; her Los Angeles Times op-ed (included in her latest collection of essays) about hosting a housing insecure couple in her home was recognized with a 2020 Los Angeles Press Club excellence in journalism award. She's been profiled everywhere from New York Times, Washington Post, O Magazine, Prevention, to NPR. Her media appearances include Good Morning America, Real Time, CBS Early Morning, The Today Show, Oprah, and PBS Newshour.


She's guest lectured and taught essay writing and storytelling at The School of the New York Times, UCR: University of CA Redlands, graduate writing program, Miami Dade Community College, Thurber House, George Washington U, Maine Media College, and University of Ohio, Dayton. 

She co-hosts The Tiny Victories podcast on the Maximum Fun Podcast Network, which Vulture called a “bright spot of light and laughter."


New York Times review: Our 8 Favorite Books for Healthy Living 2021

"this is a story about harnessing resilience and learning how life’s disappointments can teach you about the things that matter most." Tara Parker Pope

Deadline: HBO developing You're Leaving When?


So Money with Farnoosh Torabi 

Open Book NPR's Scott Simon interview

NPR: Marketplace interview with Kai Rysdall and Molly Wood


Real Time with Bill Maher: The gig economy, the "nevertirement generation," death by a thousand invoices, and housing those experiencing homelessness


Washington Post "Annabelle Gurwitch wrote a book about adapting to life's curveballs" Mother's day essay on inventing new rituals with adult offspring during Covid

Los Angeles Magazine Interview with filmmaker Nicole Holofcener,"Guwitch writes with hilarious poignancy about the lack of Hottie McHandsomes and tropical getaways in midlife" Will Reeve and I spoke about the new book and raising lung cancer awareness amidst the gorgeous blooming trees in Central Park

NPR Morning Edition "Annabelle Gurwitch's Mid-Life Maelstrom: Divorce, Cancer, 'Downward Mobility"

New York Times Tara Parkers Pope's essay on disenfranchised grief

Ali Wentworth's Podcast On Covid and Cancer

Satellite Sisters podcast Love the sisters and cultivating sisterhood

LA Times Interview: Divorce, quarantine, Stage 4 cancer? Annabelle Gurwitch has to laugh

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My Gretchen Rubin interview is up!

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"You're Leaving When" is a GMA pick

The Unspeakable Podcast You too can go broke in middle age!


Los Angeles Magazine Picture Imperfect - Interview with Filmmaker Nicole Holofcenter

The Moth Annabelle tells a story

Vulture Tiny Victories review

Wherever You Go Interview on the loneliness of the gig economy and excerpt "What Price Sisterhood Now"

Bustle Magazine 11 Family Memoirs if you loved The Glass Castle

Ask Me Another on NPR Annabelle is the VIP guest

Don't Treat Me Like Family

O Magazine Wherever is a May Book pick - "A Vivacious, Hilarious, and madcap memoir"

Dinner Party Listen to a sneak peak of Annabelle's new book

People Magazine "You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up is laugh out loud funny!"

NPR Books “A seriously funny collection of essays… the book, infused throughout with sharp wit, is hilarious. Moving, juicy… Gurwitch is squarely in Nora Ephron territory”

ATC Mandolit del Barco interviews Annabelle

Kirkus Reviews Books so funny you're guaranteed to laugh.

theatrical review "Wry and Hilarious New Show from Acclaimed Jewish Humorist 
​I See You Made an Effort"

The New York Times "Annabelle Gurwitch is a funny woman...At the center of the book is a serious question: How are we supposed to age? She convincingly argues that there is no longer a template." -- Judith Newman

WSJ Thurber Prize for American Humor Announces First All Female Trio of Finalists

"Funny & Relatable -Annabelle Gurwitch Succeeds with her I SEE YOU MADE AN EFFORT"

Time Magazine Annabelle and her Fired! Documentary featured in Time Magazine's 10 Ideas that are Changing the Word

Annabelle Gurwitch on the Side Effects of Turning 50 (Q&A)

TAKE TWO - The Brood Actor and new empty-nester Annabelle Gurwitch talks with Alex Cohen about the modern state of the empty nest.

Los Angeles Times A Bolder Woman’s Comedic Take on Aging, Jasmine Elist, Book Jacket interview

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