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Are you wondering about my health? 

Since writing about unexpectedly being diagnosed with lung cancer during Covid in The New York Times, many folks have reached out and I truly appreciate the support and compassion that's come my way. 

I'm doing very well, though I sometimes carpe a little too much diem, something I just wrote about in The Washington Post.

You can read more of my perspective at Today.com. I am also extremely grateful for this interview on GMA. Will Reeve, son of the actor Christopher Reeve, lost his mother, Dana, to lung cancer,so it was particularly moving to be in conversation with him. Also: Fifth of July, starring Chris Reeve, was one of the first plays I saw upon moving to New York to study acting. Reeve and I shared many friends so it was especially sweet. 

I'm also pleased to let you know that my appearance on GMA generated over 22 million visits to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America website. The Today Show article drew over 17 million views. Lung cancer research is severely underfunded. I wouldn't have the quality of health I am currently experiencing if not for the gene targeted medication developed in recent years. Lung cancer also goes undiagnosed until late stages and every year it takes the lives of more people than breast and colon cancer combined. As a spokesperson for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, I encourage you to pay attention to the symptoms that you or a loved one might be experiencing that can lead to early diagnosis.

Reach out for more information:

Lung Cancer Foundation of America

You can also hear my story at:

Hope With Answers Podcast at LCFA

Disclosure: Being a spokesperson for LCFA is an unpaid position. However, I am hoping to be lavishly rewarded for this effort by getting to enjoy more years on the planet.