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Washington Post:I Used Ketamine to Help Anxiety, Here's My Diary

The New Yorker, Shouts and Murmurs: Surprise! You're Now Subscribed to My Substack!          


The Oncologist Journal: On the Desire for Sexual Healing

Washington Post: Every Lawmaker Who Wants to Ban Drag Should Read This History

Book review of Glitter and Concrete by Elyssa Maxx Goodman


Washington Post Op-Ed: Tackling Cancer While Battling the Insurance System 

Washington Post Op-Ed: The End of My Life was Killing Me

Hadassah Magazine feature: What it Means to Welcome Strangers into Your Home

The New York Times Op-Ed: The Corona Virus Saved My Life. If I hadn’t gone in for a test, I wouldn’t have learned I had stage four metastatic lung cancer. I guess that’s a perverse kind of luck

Los Angeles Magazine feature: The Belle of the Matzo Ball

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: They were Homeless I Took Them In

Los Angeles Magazine: A Zoom Writers' Room Saved My Sanity (sort of) During Quarantine

Los Angeles Magazine: Let Us Now Praise Adam Driver's Face

New York Times: Back to School with Narrow Escapes and a Mother's Love

Wall Street Journal: Cremation Nation: Our New Way to Go op-ed

The New Yorker Daily Shouts: The book that I haven't started writing yet will be the best book ever!

New York Observer: Mark Zuckerberg is Not a Bot!

Wall Street Journal: I'm Ready for My Wide Shot: on gender equality in film op-ed I Was My Mother's Drug Mule adapted from Wherever You Go, There They Are

Los Angeles Times feature: On family, the one you're born with, and the one on your book cover Essay

The New York Times Op-Ed: Why I Am Not Marching In A Pink Hat Op-Ed

The New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs: Please Unsubscribe 

The New York Times Op-Ed: Death With No Dignity Op-Ed ​

The New York Times Op-Ed: The Treasure In A Small Package 

The Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: Part 'none' Part Jewish and Leary about Anti-Semitism in Europe Op-Ed Best Friend Break Up - O Inspiration

KCRW Welcome Home, Sunshine - Unfictional, storytelling series

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