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Wherever You Go, There They Are

"Annabelle Gurwitch claims to be related to her nutty family, but I suspect she's really the secret love child of Nora Ephron and Groucho Marx. She's an old-fashioned wit for the post-modern age, a curmudgeon with a deep well of empathy and a genuinely good soul. I am so glad she is back with another book."

—Meghan Daum, New York Times bestselling author of The Unspeakable

"Like staying up all night with my funniest, wisest and most magnetic friend."

—Maria Semple

"Annabelle Gurwitch's book is really funny. That is, when you aren't choking up, you'll be laughing. Her parents are lovably infuriating and her travels among atheists, secular humanists, and new-agey summer campers are not only hysterical, but important, and a reminder that family is where you find it."

—Julia Sweeney, author of If It's Not One Thing It's Your Mother and God Said Ha!

"In Wherever You Go, There They Are Annabelle Gurwitch takes inspiration from her own life to examine that most horrible of all human conditions: family.  She makes a compelling case for community, while arguing for a definition that eschews tribalism. This hilarious and insightful book reminds me why I'm so, so happy that I didn't have children!”

—Bill Maher


"Her unforgettable stories about family and other disasters remind us how insane this world can be, and how necessary our laughter.”

—Sarah Hepola, New York Times Bestselling Author of Blackout

"Annabelle Gurwitch takes a sharp-eyed, un-foolable, and by turns hilarious look at her family's loopy pursuit of the American Dream in Wherever You Go, There They Are.  Wherever she goes, you'll want to follow her!"

—Barbara Ehrenreich

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